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Please note the following
- EFT/cash payment on the day. Advance deposit is required for group bookings.
- All riders wear head protection provided by Uncle Nev's.
- Wear appropriate footwear. Boots are preferred.
- Please wear long trousers and sleeved shirts, even in hot weather. Clothing should be appropriate for riding through bushland.

Photo Gallery

The following photos will give you an idea of the type of scenery and wildlife which can be seen during a trail ride at Uncle Nev's.

All photos on this site are shown below as thumbnails (or small versions) to minimise download time. You can view an enlarged version of the photo by clicking on the photo image.

Uncle Nev

Uncle Nev, pictured with his beloved mare "Spot".

Uncle Nev always the entertainer as he mounts up for a quick ride early December '06. Grandson Tim to the left and Daughter Carol to the right.


Various wildlife can be seen during the trail rides. Most commonly spotted are grey kangaroos, cows and Gippse the alpaca.

Scenary and Views

We ride through large paddocks ideal for a restful stroll, or a faster run for the more adventurous or experienced riders.

Some of the paddocks have hills which are good for running and provide a nice view of the surrounding farmlands.

There are various forest tracks to explore.

There are dams for the horses to drink from during the ride.

As well the odd surprise such as a picturesque rainbow.


Your Sunday/Weekend Ride Leaders - "The Sunday Crew". From left, Rod, Glenn, Ray, Matt and Jim.

Rounding up the horses with "Richie Rich".

Some of the Uncle Nev's Team.